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That connects you to the Australian Bush

There’s nothing quite like a real-life story, an exuberant yarn or simply being part of something that you might call “bush culture”.

Here we share authentic life stories from people who are connected to the Australian bush – through where they live, work and what they create.

People who are connected to the Australian bush are true “salt of the earth” type of people.

There’s no bullshit, no false pretences, just beautiful genuinity (we love this made-up word) and a deep founded love for something that is real, full of life and heart (our land).

Bush culture is something we’re proud to be a part of. It’s not just found in the way-out-back,

it’s in our cities too and we want you to help us discover and showcase it!

Whether it’s celebrating our country’s indigenous culture, farmers on the land or the diverse array of cultures that have all brought so much to our city food culture – there are countless stories out there that all tie us to the bush and in turn to each other.

Let’s share our stories to learn from each other, to unite and to celebrate what is truly a wonderfully diverse bush culture.

When we connect through stories true magic happens.

Banner Image Courtesy: Georgie Mann from Beauty in the Bush Collective

Our latest stories from the bush...

Pip Williams - The Real Deal

Pip Williams - The Real Deal

When it comes to capturing the real and raw moments of bush life - Pip Williams is the master. It's not just her subjects she captures so masterfully - it's the...
October 26, 2021
Bush Journal

Bush Journal

A Beauty in the Bush Collective Initiative When we saw what Beauty in the Bush Collective  were up to with Bush Journal we were very excited... We had already seen the incredible...
October 26, 2021
While he sleeps...

While he sleeps...

While he sleeps... with Emily Herbert Emily Herbert is not only connected to the bush in more ways than one, but she can transport you there in an instant through her...
October 26, 2021

Some visual inspiration from life on the land...

'When we connect
through stories -
that's when the
real magic happens!'

Photo by Lindy Hick


Georgie Mann

Georgie is an incredible photographer who is so passionate about our landscape and the life that thrives on it.

She doesn't just capture photographs, she captures feeling.

Georgie is one of the many talented rural photographers on the ground who offer a gateway to life on the land for so many.

How lucky we are to be able to see such beauty through the lens of others.

Thank you Georgie for supporting our journey, personally and through the recently founded Beauty in the Bush Collective.

Photo by Elena Chalker

Beauty in the Bush Collective

Sharing real Australian stories - beautifully!


The Bush Journal

Real Australian Stories, Told beautifully.

Image Courtesy: Georgie Mann