Emily Herbert

Emily has a true gift with words. Whether she writes them or speaks them, they seem to effortlessly flow from her heart.
She is the quintessential modern “bushie”. Born and raised in regional NSW she has a BA in Media and Communications, extensive experience in print and broadcast, has travelled the world, teaches yoga and Pilates, but above all loves telling a country yarn. She doesn’t just wear many hats - she wears them well.
She is co-host of Graziher magazine’s podcast, Life on the Land, and has the privilege of talking to women living rurally and remotely across Australia.
As a freelancer her words are commissioned by quality digital and print publications across the country. She is sought after for her authenticity and distinctive lyrical tone of voice.
Her compelling writing simply cuts through the noise, creating a certain magic. It’s evocative, inspiring and provokes thought.
Emily has recently become a mum to her son Huckleberry and has just started a weekly e-newsletter, ‘While he sleeps’ – scribbled in the wrinkle of time during her baby’s naps. The newsletter is dotted with musings of daily life and things she’s enjoying.

Image above credit: Clancy Paine
You can read Emily’s first newsletter entry here.

Website: www.emilyherbertsays.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/emily_herbert_writes


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