Pink lake with horse shadows

Georgie is born and bred in country Victoria and is passionate about connecting people to the heart of the Australian bush. 

She doesn’t just capture photographs, she captures feeling. She is passionate about bringing bush businesses to life through engaging and evocative content that tells a story.

 Her love for our “sunburnt country” radiates from her work and into our hearts. 

Georgie offers a range of services that includes much more than just taking photographs. She’s the whole package - from conducting research into the best way to tell your story to post-production mentoring and promotion. 

Georgie has also just ventured into photography consultation. 

Her full services and photographic prints for sale can be viewed on her website.




Salt Lake Australia




Cowboys Georgie Mann - The Bush Exchange


Family Hay making season Australia

Pink Lake with people shadows


Lady with bush flowers


 Georgie Mann Photographer - The Bush Exchange

Bridget Coulton