Richard Claremont


Richard is an internationally acclaimed semi-abstract expressionist based at Shellharbour, just south of Wollongong.

He has a unique gift of capturing light and energy in any scene without fuss and compromise.
His wife Kerrie who described Richard to The Sunday Telegraph as a ‘supreme colourist, and a master of texture and brushwork’ said he can ‘sketch a whole scene in a café in the time it takes to order coffee’.
Richard’s life story is equally as inspiring as his artwork. Not long after studying Visual Arts at University he became a postman to supplement his budding art career and would paint little street scenes in old cigar boxes whilst out on route.
He appeared on TV as the “Painting Postie” and his career took off after that.
He is grateful of his Steiner education that encouraged the development of creative art and thinking.
Around painting he also now runs workshops at The Skilled Artist whereby he helps struggling artists to build their own successful full-time art careers.
His approach to his art style holds many secrets to life in general. He teaches artists how to paint with “looseness” and “simplicity” by teaching them how to express themselves confidently and freely without overthinking. ‘Sometimes you just have to ‘remove the obstacles that stop people being able to express themselves’.
There is something innately beautiful and authentic in the way Richard sees and captures the beauty in our world.

Bridget Coulton