“We love
sharing stories
that connect
people and

The Bush Exchange shares stories and lifestyle inspiration from the heart of the Australian bush - including Art and Photography, Life and Culture, Homes and Gardens, Travel and Landscapes, Style & Products, Brands and Creators - connecting the city, country and way outback.

Behind the Exchange

We can all feel there is a “Bush Renaissance” happening right now - and it has been brewing for some time..

As our cities are becoming more challenging to live in and our daily lives are becoming increasingly chaotic more and more people are looking to the wide open spaces and simple ways to feel more connected to the heart of the Australian bush.

The Australian bush culture epitomises real authentic living. It takes us literally back to earth and makes us appreciate and experience raw beauty, tastes, culture and people.

Here, at The Bush Exchange - we will take you there.

Through sharing inspiration from all sorts of Creators in an artfully curated way you’ll be able to connect to the Australian bush like never before.

From Art, Food, Homes, Travel, Life and Style we’ll have something just for you.

Our Vision

We want to see the city and country coming together by living a life more connected to the heart of the Australian bush.

Our Mission

Through sharing bush inspiration found in the city and country we hope to foster an exchange that can unite us all in living a more connected and grounded life.

Our Values

We value authenticity, creativity and connection…To each other, the Australian landscape, its first people and spirit.

Bush Connections

This is where the city and the country come together to exchange stories, ideas, and inspiration from the heart and soul of the Australian bush.

We’re not just interested in sharing bush inspiration from the way-out-back, we want to share bush inspiration from our cities too.

You will be surprised how entrenched the ‘bush’ is in most urban landscapes – sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper or look around the corner to find it.

Within minutes form your home you might have a local café that prides itself on celebrating quality seasonal produce, a sun-lit walking track along a river, an art gallery filled with representations of our iconic landscape, or even a boutique committed to stocking garments made from natural fibres.

You might equally be surprised how much talent, skill and creativity is entrenched in our rural areas – take a look at publications such as Graziher, Galah, and Bush Journal that all celebrate this so beautifully.

Whilst we may have a lot more in common than we think, we don’t need to be afraid to celebrate our differences too.

Both scapes and cultures have such wonderful different offerings.

Let’s take a leaf form each other’s books and connect through celebrating our bush culture.

There’s never been a better time!

“…together with
our love of the
Australian bush,
Bush Exchange
was born”