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That connects you to the Australian Bush

Let us take you there...

That elusive travel…That dreamt of travel…There’s no doubt we’re all craving a bit of travel of late.

Depending on where you live, you might be craving the salty sand in between your toes, an open dusty road, a mountain escape or simply the wide open spaces.

Australia is a magic place – connect to our landscape like never before.

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"Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back..."

Faraway Domes

Faraway Domes

Just drop me out of a chopper here please! Wouldn’t it be nice to find yourself in the middle of the bush on a rocky outcrop surrounded by romantic vistas?...
The Essential Big Lap Guide

The Essential Big Lap Guide

  Planning a Big Lap around Australia? Have so many questions you could sink a ship? Overland Travellers have been there, done that, and now we want to share what they...
Troopie on sand hill

The birth of the Overland Travellers

Matt and Holly from Overland Travellers are true explorers, adventurers, and lovers of the wild Australian outback.  We are so glad we discovered them via Instagram. They have provided us...

Exploring Australia


The Overland Travellers...

True adventurers and lovers of our raw and wild landscape.

We're so grateful for their quest to capture every step of their journey in such an inspiring manner.

The Overland Travellers make you want to dive into our landscape!

Make sure you follow them on their journey - you never know where you could end up!


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By Overland Travellers. Everything you need to know before your Big Lap of Australia.