Aerial view of camping James Price Point

Matt and Holly from Overland Travellers are true explorers, adventurers, and lovers of the wild Australian outback.
It all started on an ill-prepared weekend camping trip from Sydney and ever since they’ve become obsessed with a life in the outdoors and mastering the art of off-road living.
They now are experts in their field and life their life out of a recently restored ‘Troop Carrier’.
They have a huge community that follows them for their inspiration, advice, and all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to being an Overland Traveller!
They’ve published ‘The Essential Big Lap Guide”, a must have e-book guide for anyone planning a trip around Australia, host their own You Tube Channel and have worked with numerous renowned brands.
They’re not just explorers, they’re first-class photographers, videographers, and creators of incredible artwork. 

Driving on a red dirt road


Ocean camping


Troopie off road

 Bush Painting

Tree in the bush

Selected Prints and Art for sale via their website below.


The Essential Big Lap Guide

The birth of the Overland Travellers 




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