That connects you to the Australian Bush

Connecting us all

Art, just like colour, is a universal language that connects us all.

It speaks to us from the heart and soul of the Creator.

It has the power to transport us to a magical place when we can’t quite get there ourselves.

It is not surprising that so much of our country’s beautiful artwork connects us to the spirit of the Australian bush.

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River - Kerry McInnis

  Kerry McInnis - "River" Exhibited by Wagner Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney - 2021  We were simply drawn into Kerry McInnis' 'River' series this year. There's something about the water flowing through...
October 22, 2021
Native florals

Expression through Art

When I came across the artwork of @amanihaydar I knew there was something special about it. Something though was telling me that there was a lot more of a story behind...
October 20, 2021
Abstract Landscape

How art connects us to the magic of the bush...

Image Courtesy: Meagan Jacobs Art has the ability to light us up inside and open our eyes to a different perspective. Art is a massive inspiration behind The Bush Exchange....
October 17, 2021
Artwork courtesy of

Kerry McInnis

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Meagan Jacobs

We just love Meagan's work and how she magically captures the colour and energy of the landscape in her abstract interpretations..

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