Victoria Van Dongen

The ‘bush’ to me is freedom. Where the sound of the wind, birds and glimpse of the sunlight can reach you without any restriction.



Perth artist Victoria Van Dongen studied Visual Art in 2001 at Central Tafe and Visual Art at Edith Cowen University in 2008 as part of a Bachelor degree in education. Victoria is predominantly a landscape artist, painting from photos that she has taken at various locations in WA. She is at home amongst nature, by the ocean and walking in the national parks. These places are often featured in her artworks and hold memories of days exploring with her family.

Victoria’s work is expressive and playful. She uses strong brushwork, colour and pattern to capture the beautiful landscapes surrounding the city of Perth and our South West. Her emotional connection with the landscape is evident in the landscapes she paints.

"Being out in the Bush brings me a sense of calm and a deep connection with the land upon which I live and work."


We chat with Artist, Victoria Van Dongen

Why do you love representing the Australian bush and landscape through art?

Being out in the Bush brings me a sense of calm and a deep connection with the land upon which I live and work. Interpreting this landscape through my art, allows me to share my love for the Bush and the importance of its conservation.

What is the ‘bush’ to you?

Bush to me is the surrounding foothills of Perth in Western Australia and the beautiful forests of our south west region. Bush is where the land is untouched and wild.

How does the bush make you feel?

The Bush makes me feel peaceful and connected to this ancient land.

What is your favourite place in the bush?

By a stream or a river bend. I love the life water brings to our Bushland. The sound of the water and the way light reflects off of it, is just magical. I could sit for hours just listening and looking.

When you can’t physically be amongst the bush, what are other ways you like to connect with it?

Making my artwork definitely helps me connect with the Bush when I am in the city. I also have a wonderful native garden in my front yard. It’s like my very own Bushland and I just love that it attracts the native birds for us to watch.