River Painting


Kerry McInnis is a full-time artist who lives in Bungendore, rural New South Wales.
Kerry’s history is fascinating. She was born in Hawaii and migrated to Australia in her early 20s. She spent her foundational childhood years in the Philippines and in Guatemala. Her years in Central America were formative in her early expression as an artist with her exposure to colourful Latin American tradition, ritual and lifestyle.
We are drawn to Kerry’s colourful and energetic portrayal of the Australian landscape. She instinctively captures the spirit of the bush through her loose and expressive style of painting.
Her CV is impressive – having received a varied and classical art training and having been a finalist in many prestigious art awards – The Archibald Prize, The Salon des Refuses, and the Dobell Drawing Prize – just to name a few.
To read more about Kerry visit her website here.
A number of her works can also be viewed via Instagram.
Kerry is represented by Wagner Contemporary Gallery in Sydney and by Nancy Sever Gallery in Canberra.



River - Kerry McInnis

Bridget Coulton