The Bush Exchange - Tilly's Table - Streusel Cake


Cook - Food Stylist - Photographer

Tilly is based in the Blue Mountains and creates seasonal baking recipes, Australian made table linens, prints, and other good things for your homes and table.
With a background in design and food styling Tilly turns her baked creations into pieces of art.
Styled with fresh gums and flowers they really do create a pretty picture!
Her photographs are available as greeting cards, limited edition prints and luxurious table linens via her online store.
Tilly is grateful for her grounded childhood where she learnt the appreciation of wholesome good food from a young age.

Growing up, our kitchen was the heart of our family home and the most used room in the house. The kitchen table was where we all congregated, and everything happened – we cooked, ate, argued, plotted, planned, celebrated and did our homework perched on stools around that table – all fuelled by good food and endless cups of tea. Happily, that same kitchen table now lives at my house, where it continues to see plenty of food, family and life happen (and currently, lots and lots of little-person mess!).

From an early age, my parents instilled in me an appreciation of the value of family and good food, which in our house (and my mind) were inextricably linked. My parents still grow a lot of their own vegetables, have chickens, a compost heap and are excellent cooks who have cared about where their food comes from, long before it became fashionable to do so. I am sure this has influenced my love of food and cooking, and for this, I cannot thank them enough. It is something I hope I can also do for my son and daughter, who at two and five years old vary wildly in their eating habits – one is currently only interested in cooking if it involves licking cake batter, ‘testing’ icing or liberally decorating things with sprinkles, and the other will eat almost anything – we’ll have to wait and see how this evolves…
So, welcome to my table! Here’s to all the home cooks, family members and friends that grace our tables – because that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Cook. Eat. Share.

Tilly x

Bush Exchange - Tilly's Table - Apricot Cake
Bush Exchange - Tilly's Table - Cake

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