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Planning a Big Lap around Australia? Have so many questions you could sink a ship?

Overland Travellers have been there, done that, and now we want to share what they have learnt with you. 


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Even if you are seasoned traveller we still think that you could benefit from this book. 

In this E Book Overland Travellers go through how to prepare for your big lap, budgeting ideas, recipes, four wheel drive basics, our must see places, how to's, gear to take, our thoughts on YouTube, Social Media, what camera gear to take with you and how to get started and much much more!

'If this book was out before we left for our big lap we would have definitely bought a copy.'

They really hope that if you buy it it will help you prepare for your big lap and any other travels you embark on. If you do purchase this book, and you still have further questions please send Overland Travellers and email and they will try to answer them for you.

Purchase a copy of the "Big Lap" here.

Happy Travels and hopefully we will see you on the road soon!


Big Lap of Australia


The birth of the Overland Travellers


Overland Travellers

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