Planting a crop

Image above: Ellie Morris

‘A diverse group of rural photographers telling soulful stories from the Australian bush’.
Each photographer reveals perspective from different parts of our vast continent – ‘from Western Australia’s wheat belt and the vast cattle properties in the Northern Territory, to sheep stations in Victoria and cane farms in northern Queensland’.
If you want to connect to the magic of the Australian bush take a scroll through their Instagram page – one of the most inspiring feeds we’ve seen in a long time!
They have for sale the prettiest 2022 Calendar on their website and have just launched a rural newspaper ‘Bush Journal’.

Read more about Bush Journal here.
We can’t wait to see this brand grow!
View some of their wonderful imagery below.


Flying Galahs

Image Credit : Georgie Mann 


Kids playing on rocks in river

Image Credit: Camilla French 


Boy and his camels

 Image Credit: Emma Leonard


Mustering Cattle on horseback Henriette Atard

Image Credit: Henrietta Attard


Girl on Station Lindy Hick

Image Credit: Lindy Hick


Sheep and Windmill Lisa Alexander

 Image Credit:  Lisa Alexander


Lady Jillaroo

Image  Credit: Jessica Howard


Jackaroo in Yards

Image Credit: Kate Nelder 


Sheep in Yards Elena Chalker

Image Credit: Elena Chalker


Bush Journal Newspaper

Visit their website below to find out more about each individual photographer. 


Bridget Coulton