Bush Journal

A Beauty in the Bush Collective Initiative

When we saw what Beauty in the Bush Collective  were up to with Bush Journal we were very excited...

We had already seen the incredible imagery they had been sharing via Instagram, the launch of their beautiful 2022 Wall Calendar and their branding was simply captivating.

We knew they were on to something - sharing the spirit of the bush with the rest of Australia - beautifully!

Bush Journal gives us something tangible to hold on to, to smell and to read from the comfort of anywhere, without needing something to plug into.

Below the Beauty in the Bush Collective shares with you the catalyst for this little ripper of a newspaper.


Bush Journal

At this unique point in history, storytelling has taken on more importance, both as a means of connecting people to places they can't visit and to each other. As rural photographers, we believe our stories are more vital than ever.

That's why we launched Bush Journal, a collection of soulful stories and stunning photography - printed on newsprint to mark what was a lifeline for country people: the humble newspaper.

 We know there's a vibrant creative spirit alive and well in the bush and it's our mission to share it in the pages of our journal. Our aim for each release is two-fold: to shine a light on the beautiful work happening in rural and regional Australia, and to arm our readers with the skills and inspiration to tell their own stories.

So have a flick through at the smoko table, stick your favourite pages on the fridge and leave smudged fingerprints on the rest. Ours is not a precious publication - and it brings us great joy to think our pages might have a life beyond their reading whether that's lining a chook's nest or becoming a paddock tablecloth.

We have big plans for our little newspaper. We hope if you enjoy it, you'll share, and help spread the word.

Beauty in the Bush Collective
Bush Journal spread

 We're so grateful that Beauty in the Bush Collective have jumped on board as one of our Creators to showcase and we are proud to support them with Bush Journal and any future endeavours.

What a wonderful way we can connect you all to the heart of the Australian bush - and in turn to each other!

Read more about Beauty in the Bush Collective and the talented photographers behind their brand here.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Bush Journal together with a copy of their 2022 Wall Calendar click here, where you can also see options to buy them individually if you prefer.

We can't wait to see what's next for Bush Journal!

Bush Journal and 2022 Wall Calendar Bundle
Bridget Coulton