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How do you navigate our website?

Our Website is split into 6 categories of Inspiration: ART, FOOD, TRAVEL, HOMES, LIFE & STYLE. You can visit the above categories via the Inspiration Tab on our Main Menu, in our Footer or via the Home Page.

Each category displays its own unique artfully curated visual and written inspiration f rom a wide range of photographers, writers, brands and creatives that connect us in one way or another to the Australian bush. Each category will also have links to its own Blog.

Where does our content come from?

We want to bring you the best range of content from across the country-side. We intend do this by sharing some of our own together with content sourced f rom the wonderful Creators and Contributors on our platform. All content on this site has received the permission f rom the original owner and has been appropriately credited.

Who are the creators featured on our site?

We showcase a range of talented photographers, writers, brands and creatives f rom the city, country to way-out-back. Each Creator is featured on our exclusive ‘Creator’ page where we tell you why we love them and how they connect us to the bush. We will also provide an external link to the creator’s website or social media page.

Who are the contributors featured on our site?

At this stage we are the only Contributor. We have been busy creating this platform so we can showcase what our brand is about to engage future Contributors to our Inspiration Blogs.

We are in the process of developing criteria, templates and guidelines for our blog submissions. If you’re interested in becoming a Contributor please get in touch via our Contact page.

Are we interested in collaborations and events?

We are interested in anyone and anything that aligns with our Mission and Values. We’d love to hear from you.

Where do we take inspiration from?

Instagram, magazines, books, people and places. If you want to draw our eye, use #bushexchange in your Instagram posts or get in contact via our Contact page.

What do we love most about the Australian bush?

The space, the colours, the people, the way of life.

How do we use Instagram?

Instagram was how we first put our brand out into the world and we are extremely proud of our page. Thanks to all the amazing creators on Instagram who have been such a big part of our brand’s inspiration and aesthetic.

Instagram is where we have been able to curate a visually appealing feed of Australian bush inspiration whilst developing our brand aesthetic, written content and online relationships. Make sure you follow our page to catch up on all the latest inspiration, blogs and news. #bushexchange to share your inspiration.

What social media channels do we use?

Mainly Instagram and a bit of Facebook and Linkedin. We would also love to develop our Pinterest page to add another aspect to our visual inspiration whilst developing networks and relationships for ourselves and the viewers of our page with similar interests.

How do we plan to operate an Online Store in the future?

For now, we’re solely focused on getting the content side of our website developed and flourishing. One day we hope to incorporate an ‘Online Store’ into our website so you can purchase beautiful quality products from the heart of the Australian bush.

We are interested in both drop-shipping business models for already established online shops and potentially direct shipping alternatives for businesses that don’t have their own online shop. We will contact suppliers when we feel our brand is ready to take on this project, however feel free to get in Contact if you are interested in showcasing products via our future Online Store. For now, we’ll keep doing what we love doing – sharing inspiration.