Kirsty holding noss vase

We are so proud of our dear friend Kirsty Hawkins and her beautiful brand creation noss.

Our founder, Bridget, met Kirsty as a first year jillaroo in the remote eastern Kimberley on Legune Station, and have been close friends ever since.

Bridget and Kirsty Jillaroos


I remember seeing Kirsty on my first day, in her jeans, blue work shirt, bloodstones and a face covered in dirt which widely accentuated her big wide toothy white smile!

Me being from Melbourne and Kirsty having spent her life on a sheep and cropping farm in SA, meant that Kirsty was my saviour when it came to learning all the farm type stuff that I didn't know, like operating machinery and how to find 4-wheel-drive in the Canter truck which I bogged way too many times in the sand!

'F*#k, f*#k, f*#k' I would say as Kirsty calmly got me out of trouble many times!

She wasn't just handy but she was the shining light through many long hard days.

Anyone who knows Kirsty knows that a radiance exudes out of her and captivates all those that are lucky enough to spend time with her.

This radiance shines through her brand noss, created out of a love of mud, water and all those sweet memories.

Kirsty creates personalised vases and customised plates all from her farm studio in Nile, Tasmania, where she lives with her husband and gorgeous boy Bruce.

This year Kirsty went out and even started her own little kid's jumper line, which is so damn cute.

We can't wait to watch noss. grow.

Here are some of our favourites noss. creations:


Noss vases


 noss personalised farm animal plates



White noss vases with pink flowers



noss personalised koala plate 



White vase with blue hydrangeas




Boy in noss sheep farm jumper 

To see what's available currently in the noss. shop or to get in touch with Kirsty regarding a custom order visit her website here

Bridget Coulton