We love sharing stories that connect people and places.

Together with our love of the Australian bush - the concept of The Bush Exchange was born.

This is where the city and the country will exchanger stories, ideas, knowledge, inspiration and products.

We further hope to exchange with Creators, Contributors and Collaborators so that we can bring you the best inspiraiton for living a life connected to the Australian bush.

We will not only share bush inspiration f rom the country and way-out-back but from the cities too. You will be surprised how entrenched the ‘bush’ is in most urban landscapes - sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper or look around the corner to find it.

Your local suburb might have a restaurant that showcases quality seasonal food f rom nearby producers, an amazing bush walking track, or even a boutique that sells natural f ibre garments and artisan goods.

You might equally by surprised how much talent, skill and creativity is entrenched in our rural areas.

Whilst we may have a lot more in common than we think we can capitalise on our differences too.

We don’t need to be at odds with each other - both scapes and cultures have such wonderful different offerings.

Let’s take a leaf from each other’s books and come together to celebrate on how we can connect through bush culture.

In recent years social media has allowed our relationship to strengthen after decades of distance and disconnection.

Gone are the days when everyone had a family member with a farm - we have to create new ways to connect.