Rachel Stone Jewellery

We not only believe in creating beautiful quality pieces but also the meaning of creation and how important it is to keep it alive. Using ethically sourced materials we create conscious and meaningful pieces for you to love, whilst ensuring our goddess this earth lasts a lifetime.

Rachel Joyce, designer and founder has been a lover of jewellery ever since she was little.

Meet Rachel Joyce


Even to this day she will ask her mother to open up her jewellery box and show her her collection. Trying each piece on and admiring the history behind such important family heirlooms. Rachel said “to me there is honestly nothing more beautiful than an antique piece that has been passed down. That piece has a life, a memory and energy to it. Whether it be of love, independence or hardship, you can feel it with every touch. I have always found something so beautiful about that, how an object to some can be a treasure to another merely by the memory it has created, and I have always wanted to create something similar. Something to love, to cherish and to pass down.”

Working in the corporate world Rachel knew how to run a business but never felt like she was in the right one. As she has grown she has studied both Yoga teacher training and Reiki and knew her path was somehow connected to both of those things but not in the normal sense.

"She knew she wanted to work to create something for people in a way that it help them to heal, grow, admire or just simply enjoy. "

It wasn’t until Covid & lockdown, when Rachel started making jewellery that she re ignited her passion for her creativity. That’s where Rachel Stone Jewellery was born. Her love for jewellery mixed with her love for the planet and love for people gave her ability to make pieces with meaning. Creating something beautiful that spoke to people in a way other jewellery did not.  

Rachel Stone Jewellery has been made with nature in mind. Whether it be through the creative design of each piece or the process of creating itself. We want you to feel connected to mother nature herself, whether it be to heal, help you grow or simply just admire and enjoy. Our pieces are made to connect you to yourself and the earth herself. 

Each Rachel Stone piece has been made with both you and nature in mind. Whether it be through the creative design or the process of creating itself.