Know the Rose

Know the Rose spreads nature’s beauty all across Australia, with mindfully sourced, naturally dried and wildly unique flowers to brighten the home and soothe the soul. We protect our natural home with responsibly sourced flowers, chemical-free methods and sustainable packaging, dedicated to embracing and respecting nature at every step in the process.



You can't deny the beauty in old pieces. The importance of something with a story, a lifetime of collecting memories.

Rosie had always idolised designers, collecting and trawling through magazines as if she was studying for a test. But no magazine could compete with her family's homewares store where Rosie learnt the true beauty behind old, rustic interiors.

"Inspired by the idea of imperfect and beautiful curations she began experimenting with dried florals."

After noticing a gap in the market for more natural, preservative free bouquets, she loved the process of arranging, weaving and creating wildly unique bouquets so she started drying flowers in her garage for her own personal collection.

During the COVID pandemic, with reduced hours, her hobby evolved into a passion, and the idea of launching it to a potential career couldn’t be shaken. Changing career paths is no easy decision for anyone, but with the unknown effects of the pandemic looming, it was now or never. So, Rosie took the plunge and officially handed her resignation in from her position as a graphic artist. While she loved the fast-pace, ever-changing and exactism of her work, she was missing working hands on, bringing life to spaces and creating original perfectly imperfect pieces inspired by nature.

From that, came Know The Rose.

It's been many hours, early mornings and late nights dedicated to honing the craft, lugging her pieces to markets all around Sydney, TV appearances, many mistakes and a whole lot of passion. And Rosie wouldn't have it any other way.

know the rose dried flowers australia star flower bunch
Know the Rose dried flowers australia Dried Mountain Ixodia Daisy Bunch - White

We chat with Know the Rose founder, Rosie Browning

What is the bush to you?

A safe place you can always visit to reset and reconnect with your authentic self.

How does the bush make you feel?

When surrounded by the bush I feel inspired, calm, and connected.

Your favourite place/s to be in the bush?

I’ve been lucky enough to live close to the beautiful Ku-ring-gai Chase national park, which is North of Sydney and encompasses coastline, rainforest and bushland. I’ve always been drawn to the bush and the histories and stories of rural Australia, so having a little slice of bushland near home has allowed me to feel connected to our landscape, despite living in the ‘suburbs’.

How do you connect to the bush through your art?

Australia’s diverse landscape has always been a huge source of inspiration for Know the Rose. From the dusty and warm tones of the outback to the wild and whimsical bushland and enchanting wildflower meadows.

Why is it important to you that we can connect to the bush?

I’m a huge believer in nature having the ability to heal you. We all know the feeling of reaching a lookout and taking in an incredible view. The way a dip in an ocean leaves you feeling energised for the whole day, or the weight off your shoulders when you step into a trail lined by tall trees. Being surrounded by nature allows us to feel grounded and find a sense of peace within ourselves.

Why is it important to you that the city and country connect?

With so many of Aussies living towards our major cities, having access to green places is so crucial for our well being and mental health. I know for me, I’m so fortunate to be just a drive away from the stunning Blue Mountains or the lush landsacpe of the Southern Highlands. It’s so important to take time out to slow down and reconnect with our planet.