Settler Hives

It started with two beehives in our backyard. Now we don't just keep bees, we feed them! We want to create feel good products that benefit our surroundings and help shape a positive culture of getting outside. With flowers, herbs and garden greens sourced from the best seed houses in the world. Ultimately by feeding the bees, we are feeding ourselves.

Savour life outdoors – feed your soul, eyes and colony.

Roger & Hayley Mason



The simple act of planting a seed cultivates not just beautiful gardens and pots, but a sense of connection.

To one another.
And what it means to be genuinely human.
To give life on earth.

Settler Hives is about encouraging others to embrace the simplicity of being outdoors and the beauty of our interconnectedness in everything we do.

Breathe in that beautiful outside air and enjoy the sunshine together.
Plant your feet on the earth and get your hands dirty.

"We create products that are good for the environment and good for the soul. From home compostable seed sachets to honey growlers you can fill with your local honey to gifts that inspire your loved ones."