Ivy and Piper Interiors Toowomba


We came across Ivy & Piper through master lifestyle photographer Hannah Puechmarin's stunning online portfolio.

Instantly drawn to their style we wanted to find out more about their business.

Ivy & Piper are a boutique interior design studio based in Brisbane that have recently expanded to Toowoomba to service more rural clients.

As locals will know both Brisbane and Toowoomba are full of iconic charming Queenslanders.

Whilst the majority were built in the later half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, with extreme heat, floods and pests at front of mind - despite there being many more modern alternative building designs these days - people are still drawn to the charming old Queenslanders that are almost symbolic of a by-gone era and connect us to a time when life was not only a lot more simple, but when we all lived a lot more at one with our outdoor environment.

The French doors out onto the verandah were left wide open to allow the natural breeze to circulate throughout the home. These days a bit of evaporative cooling doesn't go astray but the Queenslanders were designed very well to allow  air-flow throughout the home. There's nothing worse than sitting in a house that offers no invitation to let the light and air of the fresh outdoors in. It can be a bit suffocating in a box!

With many Queenslanders in Brisbane and throughout rural Queensland, a lot of the design elements are universal amongst these city and country homes that all have their roots in Australia's bush pioneering days.

We can see why rural clients would be attracted to a boutique design firm such as  Ivy & Piper that has serviced so many iconic Queenslanders.

Founders Elizabeth Flekser and Melanie Parker have a collective 25 years in the interior design field and have been in partnership for over 10 years.

The Ivy & Piper design ethos is that the most beautiful and functional interiors are tastefully curated over time into sophisticated spaces that reflect the unique life story of its owners.

Our interiors become very personal spaces which affect our clients’ lifestyles in many positive ways. In entertaining, decorating, flowers and design, it is my deepest passion to help our clients realise a home that reflects who they are, how they live and that will remain in their hearts forever. - Elizabeth Flekser

I am inspired by my clients themselves. Often a concept blooms through conversation, a picture, their garden, a story or an heirloom. I work to build on a thread of inspiration, bringing spaces to life with a curation of collected items, new treasures, colour and pattern. It is important to me that not only does a space function and look incredible, but that it feels right. This heart of a home is what I strive for. - Melanie Parker

Thanks to the beautiful imagery from Hannah Puechmarin below we'd like to take you inside one of the Queenslander cottages they recently worked on in Toowoomba:

Country interiors



Painting arrangement


Country Interiors



Bedroom Interiors



Dining Room



Bedroom Interiors

Painting Arrangement


Ivy and Piper offer a wide range of Interior Design and Decorating services.

To view the full gallery of one of their client's cottages in Toowoomba access Hannah Peuchmarin's portfolio here.

Bridget Coulton