Miss April Towels

Founded by Britt Hurrell, Miss April came to life after Britt received a Turkish towel (also known as a peshtamal) as a gift one summer. Peshtemal towels are flat-woven, are extremely light and take up very little space, making them the perfect travel companion. After using it on heavy rotation over that summer, Britt fell head over heels in love. And rightfully so! From its colourful and fun design, to its lightweight and absorbent fabric – it was the ultimate beach towel. From that moment on, Britt wanted to share this timeless piece of luxury with Australia.

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Miss April set out to create beautiful products that were not only sustainable, but also honoured the traditional makers process of the Turkish towel. Miss April is a proud retailer of ethically made Turkish towels Australia wide. Each of the towels are weaved with mastery that has been passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, 1 in 5 Australian retailers do not sell ethically made Turkish towels. Miss April only sells traditionally loomed towels that have been hand-made by small families of artisans on old shuttle looms.

The Process

All our products are made with 100% Turkish cotton. Each step of the makers process is a labour of love. From the use of OETO-TEX certified cotton and organic dyes down to the final details of each tassel being hand knotted by elderly Turkish women in the village. We stand for properly, sustainably made products that are handmade with pure passion by masters of their trade, with love and skill that cannot be replicated.

We respect this art, and love that you can be a part of this tradition too. 

The Vision

We want to bring the beauty and art of Turkish textiles into Australian homes.

We work intimately with traditional makers in Turkey to ensure the highest quality of handmade products are readily available at fair prices.

We encourage Australians to shop small and invest in original, luxury design pieces that have been made with century old techniques. When you make a purchase from us you are also supporting this historic craft and Turkish artisans.

Our Turkish towels are timeless both in quality and in design.  With each purchase we hope to bring you a piece of luxury for you to love.