The seed for the Bush Exchange was sown in 2015 when our founder,
 Bridget Coulton, as a young first time Mum, started dreaming about how she could share her passion for the Australian bush in a way that could transcend the barriers between the city and the country. In early 2018, after several plays on brand names, The Bush Exchange was born and trademarked.

With the intention of becoming a lifestyle movement brand we set out to create an all-encompassing Website, Blog and Online Store.

Whilst the last several years has seen Bridget focus primarily on raising her young family on the farm, she has used the time to build her brand vision and heart through sharing inspiration on Instagram whilst building relationships in the online community.

Bridget further hopes to use her communication and legal problem-solving skills via this platform to strengthen the bond between the city and the country through sharing stories, ideas and creativity inspired by an authentic bush lifestyle.

Bridget Coulton